The Climate Game was launched during a session of the 11th COY (Conference of Youth), the youth equivalent of the COP21, in Paris, France. The workshop was held by members of the World Youth Parliament for Water, a network of young people active in the water sector. The creators of the Climate Game are Anne-Sophie Ste-Marie with the help of Susanne Reitsma, respectively Canada and Netherlands representative at WYPW. The Climate Game is actually an adaptation of a famous social game call either Werewolf or Mafia in different countries of the world.

Since the launch in Paris, the game has been played again in other countries and occasions. 

About the game
Do you want to raise awareness on how to negotiate in a multi-stakeholder conflict, like climate negotiations? If so, playing the climate game will make you experiment some of the difficulties that you would face during climate negotiations and how to deal with them, in a playful way. Introduce notions of carbon emissions, ecosystems, power of investments and divestment and social engagement. The game is targeted at players with basic or little knowledge on climate negotiations while it can also help raise awareness on ecosystems balance, fossil fuels and stakeholders.

Number of players: 5 to 17 players
Age: +10 years old  
Material: printable game cards